About us

Back in 1991 Sgt. James Post, a retired 25-year veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, founded our "mother"-club in the US called the "P.C.O.O.A. - Police Car Owners Of America". After only one year, this club already counted over 200 members (more than 400 today).

In 1997 the "European Chapter" of the P.C.O.O.A. was founded by Ruediger Lotz from Germany.
This German club grew quickly as well and became an official German membership corporation in 2000.

As in James Post's US-club, all German members are also encouraged to share their cars with the public whenever possible.

Owning an ex-police car from the US is not mandatory to become a member here, but of course most of the European members do own at least one real "ex"-cruiser or intend to own one in the future. We usually import our cars directly from the US. Occasionally these cars are also for sale in Germany or neighboring European countries.

Please have a look at the "members' vehicles" photo gallery.

As our members are scattered all across Germany and Europe most of our communication takes place in our online discussion forums. Forum language is usually German, but if you'd like to join, please feel free to post in English (click on "Registrieren" in the forum to register there) or contact us via Email.

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